American Pavement Preservation
4725 E. Cartier Ave.
Las Vegas, NV 89115
Phone: (702) 507-5444
Fax: (702) 644-0128
NV - 51240 - Class A General
AZ - 261874 - Class A General
UT - 7547937-5551 - General

Why Choose APP?

American Pavement Preservation is committed to providing the highest quality asphalt maintenance & placement services to its customers.

Our services include: Slurry Seal, Seal Coating, Crack Sealing, and Asphalt Installation

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About Us

paving slurry seal about usAmerican Pavement Preservation is an asphalt and paving contractor specializing in slurry seal, crack seal, seal coat, and asphalt placement with over 30 years experience. We are ready help you with any of your slurry seal or asphalt needs. Call us today for a quote.


slurry seal servicesWith over 30 years of experience we have helped many clients including:

  • City of West Jordan
  • City of N. Las Vegas
  • City of Boulder City
  • City of Las Vegas - Slurry Seal
  • Various Home Owners Associations



slurry seal servicesAs a full service asphalt contractor we are poud to offer the following services:


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